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Internship Program

Apply for the Bequest Internship Program

IMPORTANT: The Bequest internship program can only be applied directly with us. The few ways include:

1. Filling in the application form and submitting on this page
2. Writing in to us at
3. Via your school’s internship/career portal, if applicable

WARNING: If you are applying via other channels, i.e., other companies or agencies, please note they are not recognised by Bequest. If you wish to join the official Bequest Internship program, please apply with us through the above-mentioned ways.

Bequest is a dynamic and growing leader in Estate Planning in Singapore. We seek sharp, resourceful and independent individuals who would like the opportunity to build up their portfolio and gain invaluable experience through our internship program.

Benefits of the Bequest Internship Program

You will get to rub shoulders with legal professionals, senior medical specialists and private wealth analysts who will share their vast experience and knowledge with you. The program will include the following:

  • structured training on various legal frameworks in Singapore (conducted by a lawyer)
  • participation in Estate Planning Talks/Seminars at corporate organisations and government bodies
  • facilitate corporate executive health programs in collaboration with our panel of senior specialist doctors, for eg. Senior Cardiac Consultant, Gastroenterology, etc
  • behind-the-scenes exposure to the inner workings of the finance sector
  • assistance with contributed guest posts on websites such as

This is a paid internship program. If you think you’ve got what it takes, we look forward to welcoming you on board!

Limited positions available. Do submit your application now.

If you are uncertain but wish to be kept in the loop, please sign up for our Internship Program mailing list here.

Submit your application as follows: