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[Talk] Making your Will & LPA: if you are LGBT

If you missed this talk last year, make sure you don’t miss this year’s!

Bequest Will & LPA talk for LGBT Aug

Will & Lasting Power Attorney (LPA) talk for all who are in the LGBT community

If you’re single, who receives your *Estate when you pass away?

If you’re in a relationship, would you like your partner to legally receive your personal assets if something were to happen to you? (bank accounts, insurance, investments, personal items, etc…)

How will your joint assets be legally dealt with? The one on most people’s minds—property.

If you have biological children, are you familiar with matters regarding legal guardianship?

If you’re single, who will step forward to take care of your personal matters if you lose mental capacity?

In the event you’re not mentally able to make your own decisions on medical bills, insurance, CPF, property, etc, would you like enable someone to legally help you with such matters?

Should you appoint your partner as the primary Donee in your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?


All these and more important questions answered at our Will & LPA Talk for LGBTQ.

*Estate is a legal term for assets and liabilities.

Making your Will & LPA: if you are LGBT

Date: Tue, 8 August 2017

Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm (Q&A at the end)

Tickets: Early Bird $10, Standard $20

Venue: 269A New Bridge Road, Singapore 088747

(Light refreshments will be served.)


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